Meeting of the Dutch Society of Cosmetic Dermatology (Dutch Society of Cosmetic Dermatology) – Bussum – the Netherlands

Dutch dermatologists that practice Aesthetic Medicine have decided to unite in an association that periodically organizes conferences aimed to share the experiences. I was invited to one of these events to tell about my experience in the use of the picosecond laser Discovery Pico of Quanta System. I explained how it can be brilliantly used for removing tattoos and skin’s pigmentation, and,especially, how it can be used with the fractional handpiece in the acne scars’ treatment, facial rejuvenation and in the treatment of some post-traumatic scars. After the theoretical part, I performed a treatment of the facial rejuvenation of a young patient with visible signs of the excessive aging of the face because of the incorrect sun rays’ exposure (on the photo immediately after the absolutely painless treatment)

It was a nice experience, doctors were very attentive and interested. It should be repeated.