67th National Congress of the Italian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Rome – Italy

Also this year a very brief touch-and-go at the National Congress of SICPRE. In a mixed session about the aesthetic surgery and laser therapy, I described our work on the non-surgical reduction of fat using cryolipolysis. The data and assessments are very clear as they were obtained by using photographic equipment in 3D. Dr. Marcello Innocenti (Florence) performed a rather nice report, in which he described his trans-oral method to detach the palpebral retaining ligaments. I was very proud of the dr. Giovanna Zaccaria, who presented our protocol of the laser treatment of scars.

I really liked to listen to the report of one of my students but, on the other hand, I was disappointed about time at disposal for every report: just 5 minutes!

The topics that we brought out were of great interest and deserved more time to be well described. Bah!!! Sometimes I can’t understand.