The scars’ management from “A” To “Z” – Bologna – Italy

Also this time dr. Francesca Negosanti has organized a nice course/congress. It was so emotional to come back to the same places which I had graduated from 25 years ago. A monothematic course about the scars’ treatment took place at the Hall Murri of The Sant OrsolaMalpighi Polyclinic. After a general introduction on the process of the wound healing and the possible medical therapy of pathological scars, I presented my algorithm of the scars’ treatment (already presented at the SCAR2 meeting of the last march), and I have described the basic concepts and the technique of laser-assisted drug delivery. It was followed by an overview of the possible laser strategies in the treatment of scars, and finally, there was a focus just on the acne scars. A lot of the colleagues were present there and the course had very positive feedbacks.

I’m glad that a usually ignored topic of scars has been such a success and I was very excited to return to 25 years ago