39th Annual Congress of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine – Rome – Italy

When you are taking part in a some Congress, it does not mean you will be able to listen to others there. Like every year at the end of may (this year from 18 to 20), there takes place the Congress of Aesthetic Medicine in Rome, the most important Congress of Italy. The Congress is the occasion of innumerable meetings and this, often, make impossible to listen to the reports of other colleagues. I started describing my experience in the use of a picoseconds’ laser, trying to highlight the extra value. The possibility of dividing the energy and focus it in very small points allows this technology to treat the scarring lesions. Then, I described my own experience and that of my associate dr. Valerio Pedrelli in the treatment of localized fat by cryolipolysis, demonstrating by the means of three-dimensional images the real efficacy of this procedure. After I was a chairman in a session on the technologies in aesthetic medicine, and later I described my experience in the treatment of the skin laxity of the neck by the means of radiofrequency needles and focused ultrasound. There was also a workshop of Bioskin during which I described my experience in the use of a thulium laser (laseMD) for the facial rejuvenation. If you add also series of meetings with the managers of different companies you can understand how little time remains to listen to other speakers. But often, however, in the rare moments of a beak, during coffee, or between two sessions, you can “understand” some secrets of colleagues.

I have seen in general a great interest in the non-surgical treatments of the fat and all those non-invasive methods or minimally-invasive for the facial rejuvenation. Finally, I noticed a greater scientific rigor in relations and therefore I can assess the Congress of this year to be of greater value than the previous.