British Burn Association Annual Meeting 2018 – Swansea – United Kingdom

It was a great honour for me to have been invited to the annual congress of the British Burn Association by Mr. Jeremy Yarrow. There I introduced my experience in the treatment of severe burn scars with an ultrapulsed CO2 laser. It is not very easy to get to Swansea (first a flight from Milan to London, and then 4 hours by car), but the university campus at Swansea University, where the event took place, was worth of this journey. The Swansea University Bay Campus is located close to the ocean and is perfectly arranged to receive scientific events and students. First, dr. Yarrow has told a brief history of the use of lasers in the treatment of burn scars, and after he presented the experience of the hospital of Swansea, highlighting the effectiveness of the treatment through a couple of the really interesting motivational movies of some patients. Then I concluded the session by showing my therapeutic algorithm, my technique, and the obtained results.

It was exciting and interesting. I wish more local companies on burns would include laser treatments in their conferences, but especially that more and more large burns centers would have a laser department for the scars’ treatment.