5th ISPLAD Meeting 2018 – Milan – Italy

The in charge of the laser of  ISPLAD (dr. Marina Romagnoli, dr. Elisabetta Perosino and dr. Pino Scarcella) invited me to participate in the 2018 edition of the annual ISPLAD congress. I was the first speaker of the day and I described my experience in the use of combination therapies (injectable + laser, combined laser rejuvenation protocol, photofractional and IPL + skinboosters) and the success that is possible to get in the rejuvenation of the face. After that, dr. Giovanni Salti continued with a wonderful report on what to use and how (needle or cannula) for hyaluronic acid injections in the face. Then dr. Pucci Romano has described the role of cosmetics in 2018 and dr. Adele Sparavigna has shown the new researches about the dermal biogenesis with hyaluronic acid and amino acids of collagen and elastin. Prof. Nicola Zerbinati continued the session with his great report on the treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa and granulomas caused by fillers. In the end, the session was concluded with the report of prof. Raffaele Rauso that described his own experience and all the scientific works regarding the use of the deoxycholic acid in the neck’s adiposity treatment (and also of the body’s off-label). I also was a chairman and speaker at a Symposium of Galderma in which  has been described the technique and effectiveness of Day Light PDT (for which I contributed few years ago and after the publication of the JEADV to expand the indications) and were shown the results of the first Italian Consensus (of which I was a member) about the use of skinboosters (also in association with laser).

There were really wonderful relationships and I had a great pleasure to realize that many of the presenters are, like me, the founding members of the Italian Federation of Aesthetic Doctors (FIME).