3rd Congress of the GILD (Italian Group for Laser Dermatology) – Rome – Italy

A simple touch and go for me this time at the Congress of the GILD at Rome. The friend and plastic surgeon Carlo Di Gregorio (Palermo) has had the assignment to organize a session related to the facial rejuvenation. Then, he decided to involve me and dr. Ivano Iozzo (Bologna). I think the members found the session really interesting. Dr. Iozzo has magnificently described the use of botulinum toxin in the facial rejuvenation trying to highlight the safety of this medicament. Dr. Di Gregorio has initially described the use of fillers in the facial rejuvenation putting the emphasis on the concept of moving the tissues to the top instead of simply increasing the volumes. I ended the session with my intervention: initially, I did a brief review of the possible laser treatments in the rejuvenation of the face, and then, I described when these can or should be made in relation to the injectable. And, finally, to change a little bit the formula of the Congress, I presented three clinical cases and asked the other two speakers what they would have done. The harmony between the intents became evident immediately, but some small differences between our approaches have taught me a lot.

I learned a lot and I enjoyed. It was magnificent