Annual Congress of the Israeli Society of Burns – Tel Aviv – Israel

When the past comes back. I was a student in medicine (more than twenty years ago) and I was attending the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Sant’Orsola Polyclinic in Bologna when I met a young student like me. His name was Josef Haik. Now he is Director of the Plastic Surgery Department of the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv and this year he invited me to present my experience in the use of ultrapulsed CO2 laser in the treatment of burn scars. In an informal ambiance, I have heard wonderful reports of dr. Paul Glat (chief of Plastic Surgery at St. Christopher’s Hospital of Philadelphia) and dr. Jeremy Goverman (Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at Harvard Medical School, Shriners Hospital, Boston). I discovered that Israel has a rapid intervention force that in few hours can fly in every part of the world to help populations in difficulty, and I found out that a New York lawyer, Samuel “Uncle Sam” L. Davis, has founded a series of camps in the world (Israel, Brazil, India) with the aim to help, especially from a psychological point of view, children with severe burns.

It was interesting and exciting to meet an old friend, even heart-warming