The 21st Congress SIES – Bologna – Italy

Also this year Fiera of Bologna has hosted the annual SIES Congress (the twenty-first edition). A short stop in Milan after the flight from Israel has separated me from this usual every-year commitment. During the first day, I described my experience in the combined treatment with non-ablative laser and skinboosters of the hands’ and facial aging. The second day I was a speaker two times at the session Aesthetic Medicine versus Surgery. I described the laser treatment of the eyelids with fractionated ablative lasers and the treatment with radiofrequency needles or HIFU of the neck laxity and the lower third of the face. Then, I held a workshop for Bioskin Italy describing my experience with the previously listed technologies and also with the laseMD laser. Finally, I was the protagonist of a face-to-face on the treatment of dyschromia. I was supposed to support the use of technology while prof Ceccarelli to support the use of the peeling. But the debate has been between me and dr. Roberto Pelliccia. I don’t know who won, I don’t know the literature that asserts that laser treatments determine accumulation of iron in the tissues and, above all, I don’t think the peeling can be considered better than lasers because, in the experiences of other doctors, there are many cases of post inflammatory pigmentation from laser treated with the peeling. The laser post pigmentation forms because of the incorrect use of equipment, and, therefore, it is a problem of the operator not of equipment. I’ve always thought, and I’m still convinced, that lasers have selectivity of action, ability to penetrate tissues at various depths, without damaging the surrounding tissues, and ability, in some cases, to take advantage of the pigment to release heat, and then produce the collagen, that peelings do not possess. I am looking forward to receiving your comments on this topic.

I saw a magnificent Workshop of Galderma in which dr. Carlo Di Gregorio (Palermo) and dr. Fabio Ingallina (Catania) have splendidly explained the treatment with fillers of the middle third of the face. The workshop lasted one hour, but in the end I thought: “Is it already finished? Nooo!”