IMCAS 2018 – Paris – France

This year in Paris was held the twentieth edition of IMCAS. I remember, there were not many members at the first editions and the speakers were almost exclusively European. This year, there were more than 8000 members, and, at least, a third part of the speakers came from non-European countries. I started my tour-de-force moderating a session organized by the Laser Groupe of the French Dermatology Society. A new format in which were presented 50 clinical cases and the faculty members were asked to express their opinion on the treatments to follow. It was really interesting and full of ideas. I continued as a moderator in the session dedicated to the scars treatment. As usual, Gerd Gauglitz (Munich – Germany), Jill Waibel (Miami – Florida, USA) and Arielle Kauvar (New York – New York, USA) performed beautiful relations. Finally, I presented a report with the high-sounding title “Fractional CO2: state of the art in 2018” in which I described possible treatments that can be performed using a fractional CO2 laser. The day after I had a long series of meetings with the managers of several manufacturers of medical equipment and I participated in one Advisory Board of Sensus Healthcare on the use of radiotherapy in the treatment of skin tumours and pathological scars. I wish I could use this equipment also in Italy. Unfortunately, the current laws prohibit it, but we will see if it will be possible to change something. The last day, Merete Haedersdal (Copenhagen, Denmark – the Netherlands)  and I have held a course on the treatment of scars with a CO2 laser, finally, and I have made a live demo executing a full face resurfacing with fractional picoseconds laser.

I am bringing home new ideas, the certainty of the arrival of new technologies in my studio, and, therefore, the possibility to offer new therapeutic options to my patients in 2018.